Surprise, Surprise

Who could have seen this coming? A 44-6 bludgeoning of the Dallas Cowboys by the Philadelphia Eagles. A classic David vs. Goliath story that people have seen all too many times to even be phased by this joke of a game. Of course “The Little Engine That Could” (Eagles) were gonna beat up on the “Bad Boys” (Cowboys) of the NFL. Adding to that, why shouldn’t the Raiders beat the Bucs, as well as the Texans beating the Bears, in order to set up a dream matchup between bitter NFC East rivals in a virtual playoff game in Philly? What fails to make any sense to me is how the same offense that put up 41 points on this same defense could not even manage a touchdown throughout the entire course of the ballgame. In addition, how can Tony Romo be a quarterback who makes the tightest of throws in one game and misses so badly in the next? I still believe that the notion about him not being able to win in December is just a bit of coincidence, and I feel if the coaches had a better gameplan, it could help him succeed. If you ask me, the team needs some changes in the coaching and management areas as I believe this team has proven that they are more than capable when it comes to personnel. Changes definitely need to be made fast because this team is not getting any younger, and they definitely have the talent to win right now. Unfortunately, right now does not include the 2008-2009 season.


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