“We’ll Never Forget You Brent” – Packers Fan

So it finally seems that Brett Favre has called it quits in the National Football League, according to sources on Tuesday. Brett said that he was not sure that he had the mental and physical stability to get through the daily grind of the NFL for a whole season. This is not the first time that Brett has “retired,” but for some reason this time seems like it’s legitimate. The previous time that Brett said he was done, was shortly after a loss in the NFC Championship game, when his head was probably not in the right frame of mind to be in front of a microphone. This time, though, Brett has had ample time to mull over his decision, and he seems to have a valid reason to stop playing… for now. What happens when the first starting quarterback goes down this season, and there is no viable backup to fill the role of starter? Will Brett’s phone be ringing off the hook, begging for offers? And if so, will Brett be interested? Because Brett has retired in the past, and he has come back after such an action, the window of opportunity will remain slightly open that Brett might play a little bit more in the NFL. Although the possibility remains, I believe that Brett has genuinely retired for the last time. I say this because, last year as I attended Jets Training Camp one afternoon, Brett had this attitude that reminded me of a kid who had been playing football for the first time in his life. He did not look like an aging veteran who had been traded for the first time in his career for one last hurrah. Flashforward to this year. Brett looks tired and worn out, stating that the daily grind of the NFL is too much for him to handle for a whole season. To me that sounds like the words of an aging veteran who has just had enough. So without any regret, I can finally say, “We’ll never forget you Brett.” 


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