FSF 8: Stoney Case

One of the worst quarterbacks to play in the NFL during my lifetime is Stoney Case. Outside of his intriguing  name, Stoney was anything but intriguing on the football field. Case started a total of 12 games during his 6 seasons in the NFL, and he saw action in a total of 24 games. While he was on the field, Case was able to compile 4 touchdown passes, 15 interceptions,1,826 passing yards, and an embarrassing 53.3 quarterback rating. Out of all of his performances, his worst came in 1999 in a game against the Kansas City Chiefs. During that game, Case completed 15-37 passes for 103 yards. What made those stats even worse was the fact that Case threw 2 interceptions which were returned for a total of 108 yards, not to mention both of them were returned for touchdowns. So essentially, Case helped his team progress -5 yards and -14 points during that contest! (Great game Stoney!) Although that performance really hampered his career and confidence as a quarterback, it is not necessarily his worst contribution to the league.

Arguably the worst contribution that Stoney Case had to the NFL came in 2000, when he threw away the final game of the season against the Chicago Bears, and thus missing the playoffs by one game. He played so terribly for the Lions that day, that the team decided to make drastic changes in the front office. Included in the changes was the arrival of Matt Millen as the general manager of the team. So if any Lions fans were wondering how Matt Millen got his job with Detroit, they do not need to look any further than Stoney Case. So even though Stoney Case retired from the NFL in 2000, and he was far removed from the league by 2007, he was still effective at ruining the hearts of millions of Lions fans. Now that is a special player!   


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