Brandstater to be Possible Week 1 Starter for Broncos

During Sunday’s preseason game against his former Chicago Bears team, Kyle Orton hurt his finger. At the time, the injury did not look too serious, although there was some blood involved. However, further results show that the injury may cause Orton to miss the opening game of the regular season against the Cincinnati Bengals. This would be terrible news for the Denver Broncos as they are already uncertain of the health of backup quarterback, Chris Simms. If Orton does indeed miss that first game, quarterback Tom Brandstater, the 6th round pick out of Fresno State, would start the first game for the Broncos. If there is any hope for Brandstater to succeed it is this: The last time a 6th round quarterback with the initials T.B. had to fill in for an injured quarterback, he became a 3-time Super Bowl winner and he broke the single season touchdown passing record with 50. So don’t be surprised when Brandstater becomes the number one fantasy pickup this week, and maybe the best pickup of the entire season. (Happy September Fools!) 

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