Barnett Continues to Show Some Love

In his latest contest, Nick Barnett gave people a chance to win two tickets to the highly anticipated Monday night game between the barnett Packers and Vikings in Minnesota. In this contest, Barnett asked his participants to write in 56 words, why they deserve to get the tickets.

Many people typed away hoping to win this contest, but in the end, only one person could win. The winner of the contest, which was posted on Barnett’s relatively new website,, was Mike Powers, a huge Packers fan.

Here is Mike’s 56 word winning entry: I want to take my dad, who has MS that’s really slowing him down. This birthday’s here and this would mean the world to him. we’re lifetime packer fans, which isn’t easy being a college student in minnesota. This is 56 words, and 56 was my first jersey. Make us proud! hope I’m there to see it!

Congratulations Mike, you truly deserved these tickets. Enjoy the game, and root hard!

On another note, I want to thank Nick Barnett for being so generous and giving others the opportunity to participate in such a great contest. You are truly doing something very special, and you should be commended for the wonderful work that you are doing.


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