Brett Favre: The Legend Strikes Back

The most anticipated Monday Night Football game in quite a long time turned out to be legendary. It was a historic game between faver Brett Favre and his former team, the Green Bay Packers. In the game, Favre showed the Packers that he still has some football left in his tank, as he went 24/31 for 271 yards and 3 touchdowns.

Favre has played well this season, but this seemed to be his best individual performance by far. He did not look a shade over 30 years old against his former mates, as he still showed the ability to throw rocket balls all over the stadium with accuracy.

Coming into the season, it was said that the Vikings were Adrian Peterson’s team, and Favre seemed okay with the manager role. That was apparent in their first 2 games when Favre threw for under 200 yards, and Peterson basically led the offensive charge for Minnesota. However, in the last 2 games, the offensive mentality has seemed to have taken a shift.

Favre is throwing the ball a lot more effectively, and Peterson has been held to 85 yards or less in the last 2 victories. If you told Brad Childress at the beginning of the season that Adrian Peterson would run for 55 yards against the Packers, he would have assumed a Minnesota loss. But being that Brett Favre has seemed to rejuvenate his career for the umpteenth time, the Vikings are still able to roll over their opponents with a less than stellar performance from their star running back. Sure Childress would love AP to run for over 100 yards a game, but that is just too hard to do game in and game out. That is why Childress felt it was important to have Favre come to this team in the first place.

Yes, many people gave Childress and the Vikings a hard time for signing the whiny, indecisive veteran, but he is now showing all the ridiculers why this team was willing to take a chance on him.

Tonight’s game truly showed why Brett Favre is considered to be so legendary. He may not have multiple Super Bowls, and he may have a history of blowing it in the big spot, but when all is said and done, Favre will always be remembered for games like tonight. Games when he seemingly defies logic on a national spotlight, and he proves that he deserves to remain in the league at this point of his career. Brett Favre is everything that a real-life American Hero should be.

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