Braylon Edwards Traded to Jets

It looks like Braylon Edwards’ antics have done enough damage for the Browns, as the 5th year receiver out of Michigan was traded braylon to the Jets this morning for Chansi Stuckey, Jason Trusnik, and 2 draft picks.

Edwards has been struggling since the conclusion of the 2007 season, and his off the field actions were not making things better. He clearly was not happy playing in Cleveland, and the Browns were not happy with him either. He was taking away from the team mentality, which is easy to do when your team is 0-4, and he needed to move on.

The move should be beneficial for both parties, as the Jets are getting a potentially very good receiver to go alongside of Jerricho Cotchery, and the Browns are getting rid of a dominant personality that possibly hurt this young team’s chemistry.

There is no doubt that the Browns are now weaker at the wide receiver position, but with Edwards not really producing much, and Mohammed Massaquoi showing he can play well this past week, it might not hurt the team too much.

We have seen receivers such as Randy Moss resurrect their careers following a trade, and maybe Braylon Edwards can do the same. Like Moss in Minnesota, Edwards showed the capability to have a monster season. Then Moss went to Oakland, and people thought his career was over. However, when Moss went to the Patriots, he showed that he still had a whole lot of talent still left in him. This leads me to believe that Moss was just unhappy in Oakland, and he did not give it his all.

The same might be possible with Edwards. Maybe because he saw no potential Super Bowls with the Browns, he stopped trying in hopes of getting traded to a contender.

The way things are going for the Jets this season, it seems like Edwards might have gotten exactly what he wanted.


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