Crabtree Signs With 49ers

I guess Michael Crabtree didn’t want to miss out on the potential San Francisco playoff run, as the only draft pick not to sign, finally crabb signed with the 49ers today.

Crabtree had been holding out because of financial issues, specifically because he wanted the money that Darius Heyward-Bey had gotten as the first receiver taken in last April’s draft.

Many football fans are excited to see the impact that this wonderful college receiver will have on the NFL level. One thing is for sure, though: Mike Singletary is not going to be wooed easily by Crabtree, especially because he held out as long as he did. Singletary will not let any one guy be bigger than the team, and Crabtree is no different. (Remember Vernon Davis?)

Crabtree is going to really have to earn his stripes in order to start making a significant dent on this ball club. They are already one of the most successful teams in the league this season, and there is no way that they will let a rookie take anything away from that.

If Crabtree has his act together, and he gives it his all, he could be a nice boost to an already feared team. Their offense is decent, but they lack a player of Crabtree’s caliber. If he plays anywhere near the way he played for Texas Tech, the San Francisco 49ers could make a strong case for a Super Bowl this season. However, I doubt that he will be able to slip right into things because he has missed a lot of time, and that will definitely affect his timing with the quarterbacks.

Over the long haul, I feel that Crabtree signing with the Niners was the best thing for him and the team. They each needed each other, and it should be evident within the next 3 years. In my opinion, if they were contenders without him, they will only be that much better with him. He IS that good. He just needs to prove it.


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