NFL Week 5 Picks

Bengals at Ravens (Ravens) – Who would have thought this game would have such meaning? The Bengals and Ravens are both 3-1 picks and lead the AFC North. This game will, of course, change that. The Bengals are playing very well right now, and they are clearly a legitimate playoff contender. The Ravens, though, are a team that I consider to be a Super Bowl contender. They are tough on both sides of the ball, and I feel that their defense is still not playing up to their best ability. I expect that to change against the Bengals, as the Ravens are still mad about last week’s roughing the passer call. Also, Flacco should be successful throwing the ball in this one, and the Ravens should take it by 7.

Browns at Bills (Bills) – Is this an awful game or what? These teams have a combined 1 win, and that win is against winless Tampa Bay. Being that this is a game of mediocrity, I would expect the stars to shine brightest in this game, and that means T.O. time in Buffalo. If the Bills can ever have the chance to be excited about Terrell Owens, it should be in this game. Also, look for Beast Mode to get his groove back. Bills by 10.

Redskins at Panthers (Redskins) – If there’s one thing I have learned about the Redskins this season, it is the fact that they have some problems on the offensive side of the ball. Unless Santana Moss has another big game for them, I don’t see them doing anything against a potentially dangerous Carolina defense. The key is going to be the amount of turnovers that the ‘Skins can cause. If they get Delhomme rattled, the ‘Skins should cruise. If they don’t, I could see Carolina winning their first game of the season. However, I expect the ‘Skins to get to Delhomme with pressure by Haynesworth and Orakpo, and their secondary will know how to capitalize when the opportunities present themselves. ‘Skins by 13.

Steelers at Lions (Steelers) – The Lions got their first win of the season 2 weeks ago. That win is more than they had all of last season. Point is, the Lions have trouble when it comes to winning football games. It doesn’t help to be playing the defending champs either. Steelers roll by 21.

Cowboys at Chiefs (Cowboys) – The Cowboys have beat 2 winless teams, and they have lost to 2 undefeated teams. Based on this small trend, the Cowboys should have no problem beating the winless Chiefs in this one. Romo should find a nice rhythm, and the running game shouldn’t be too shabby either. Look for Bowe to have a nice game for the Chiefs, but it should not be enough to overcome the better team in Dallas. This game will be closer than most people anticipate, though, and I am going to take the Cowboys by 4.

Raiders at Giants (Giants) – This will be a massacre. You have the number defense in the league versus the worst quarterback to play in a long time. This game is going to look like a high school team against a professional team. Jared Lorenzen could start, and the Giants would still kill the Raiders. Giants by 24.

Bucs at Eagles (Eagles) – The Eagles are coming off of a bye week which means that this banged up team should be healthy. When this team is healthy, they are one of the best in the league. Couple that with the fact that they are playing the winless Bucs, and you have an easy win for the Eagles. Plus they are playing at home. Eagles by 20.

Vikings at Rams (Vikings) – Did you see what Favre and the Vikings did to the Packers on Monday night? That was against one of the better secondaries in all of football. Just imagine what they can do against the lowly Rams. I would also love to know how the Rams plan on generating any kind of offense against this stingy Vikings D. Any way you cut it, the Vikings have the huge edge in this game. Vikings by 28.

Falcons at 49ers (49ers) – Now this is a great game! Both teams are legitimate playoff threats, and they could possibly meet again somewhere down the line. Both teams have a nice balance on offense and defense, but I see one standout unit in this game: the Niners D. I know I talk about them like they are the second coming of the ’85 Bears, but I really do love the way that they play. Patrick Willis is a true playmaker as he showed last week. Look for him to cause some more havoc in this game, as the Niners take it by 6.

Texans at Cardinals (Cardinals) – Both teams have great passing attacks. The Cardinals’ attack is just a little bit better in my opinion. They have the best combo of wideouts between Fitz and Boldin, and I can see them going wild in this game. The Texans have shown some vulnerability to the pass, and the Cards are the perfect team to exploit that weakness. Cardinals by 10.

Patriots at Broncos (Patriots) – Are the Pats back? I seem to think that they are really close. They are comin off of an impressive victory against the Ravens, and they are ready to hang with anyone. The Broncos have shown the ability to play some amazing defense thus far, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Belichick finds ways to expose his former buddy, Josh McDaniels. Even if Belichick has some tricks up his sleeve, I do believe that the Broncos do have enough talent defensively to keep this game tight. Nonetheless, I do believe that the Patriots will pull this one out late. They do have Tom Brady you know? Believe me, he won’t be throwing at Champ Bailey all game long, so this defense might not look as hot as they did against the ‘Boys. Patriots by 7.

Jaguars at Seahawks (Jaguars) – I was so down on Garrard and the Jags, but then Mike Sims-Walker came along and resurrected this team’s passing game. With MJD in the backfield, this team has a respectable offense that teams need to watch out for. That includes the Seahawks. Also, the Seahawks still might be without Hasselbeck, which should make things tough for Seattle. Jags by 14.

Colts at Titans (Colts) – Kerry Collins is still starting for the Titans, thus the Titans will lose this game. The Colts have shown the ability to win games on offense and defense this season, and in this one, either will suffice. Peyton Manning should continue to assault NFL defenses as he has in the first 4 weeks, and the Colts should not have too many problems with this divisional foe. Colts by 17.

Jets at Dolphins (Jets) – Bounce back game for Sanchez? I think so. He has played like a veteran in 3 of 4 games this season, and I expect him to shine in the bright lights of Monday night. In addition, I feel that Braylon Edwards should help Sanchez’s development a lot. He now has 2 very good receivers and a top flight tight end to throw the ball to. Finally, the Jets defense should stifle the running game of the Dolphins, and they will force the inexperienced Henne to beat them. I just don’t see that happening. Jets by 13.


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