Miles Austin Saves the Day

Although the Dallas Cowboys struggled for most of the game against the Kansas City Chiefs, they were able to get the victory in overtime. Even though the Chiefs are one of the league’s worst teams, and the Cowboys should have played them better, they learned something invaluable that can help propel them forward and into the future.


What they learned, due to the absence of Roy Williams, is that Miles Austin is a legitimate threat as a starting wideout. Not only did Austin set a Cowboys’ franchise record for receiving yards in a game, but he single-handedly picked up a sluggish offense and got them a much-needed victory.

No offense to Tony Romo, but Austin’s big plays were all individual effort. His 2 touchdowns were short plays where he kept his motor pumping, not giving up until he got into the endzone. Additionally, he made a big-time grab on an underthrown ball in which he leaped up and took it away from a defender. He showed the Cowboys exactly what they have been missing for so long: A little bit of effort can go a long way from separating between wins and losses.

I know from watching a lot of football games that most players go down on the 2 touchdown plays far before they reach the endzone. Maybe it is because Austin does not always get the opportunity to do so many things that he felt the need to seize the opportunity, but the point he is he was capable and he did it.

Now Austin did not have a flawless game, as he did drop a few balls, but things are always going to be tougher when you have a huge role increase from one game to the next. If he gets a consistent amount of reps and playing time, there is no reason to think that his mistakes will not be diminished.

To me, Austin has always been an exciting player, and I always felt that he needed more opportunities to show what he can do on the field. Today he proved that a chance is all that he needs.


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