Another Questionable Move By Girardi?

After another exciting game between the Yankees and Angels, game 4  is sure to be a great one. The Yankees are starting their ace

Yankees vs. Red Sox

CC Sabathia, and the Angels are starting Scott Kazmir.

When you look at the pitching matchup, you would think that it favors Sabathia and the Yankees. One question people are having, though, is, “Will Sabathia be effective on short rest?”

Of course, if anyone remembers what Sabathia did last season with the Brewers, they would think that the short rest would present no problems for the hefty lefty (sorry Jared Lorenzen, had to do it). However, when he pitched on short rest last season, he was doing it during the regular season. Once the playoffs started, Sabathia only pitched once out of 4 Brewers playoff games.

The baseball season is very long, and Sabathia has logged a ton of innings up to this point. Will going on short rest catch up to him in game 4?

I personally think that it will, especially because of the team he is pitching against. The Angels had an entire lineup of .300 batters this season, and CC will need to be in top form if he wants to shut them down. I do not honestly think that will be possible on short rest. It is hard enough as it is to face this lineup.

If I was Girardi, I would start Chad Gaudin and let him go for a few innings. Then I would bring in Joba for a few, and then I would just let the remainder of the bullpen finish the rest. By doing this, you are assuring yourself of a well-rested CC for game 5, and you can pretty much guarantee a victory in that circumstance.

By starting him earlier than needed, you are risking a victory from the pitcher that you are counting on most. It is a bold move, and if it pays off, it will be worth it, as the Yankees would take a commanding 3-1 series lead. I just think that it is a dicey situation to put your team in right now, especially the way this series has gone thus far.

If Sabathia comes out weak, and the Yankees lose this game, they will be in a terrible position to win this series. Many people will question Girardi’s decision to use Sabathia on short rest, and they will put a lot of the blame on Joe. Ultimately, this is the game that will determine how Yankees fans rate Joe Girardi as a manager this season. If it pays off, he’s a genius. If it does not, he is the biggest moron in the state of New York.

Don’t worry Joe, no pressure.

Prediction: 6-4 Angels


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