Jeff Fisher in Colts Gear?

If you haven’t already heard, Jeff Fisher wore a Peyton Manning jersey at a charity event. Explaining to the crowd why he fisher wore the jersey, Fisher said, “I just wanted to feel like a winner.”

Of course, Jeff Fisher’s Titans have gone winless in their first 6 games this season, and they are far-removed from the team that went 13-3 last season. Fisher, though, is showing that he still has his sense of humor, and he will still continue to be himself even through these tough times.

By Fisher deciding to wear the Manning jersey, I feel that he is just trying  to lighten the mood. He is not doing something out of line, and being that he is a coach, he has the right to do something like that. He is the leader of this team, and if he feels like it can be done in good taste, that is up to him to decide. Had a player done that, I am not so sure that it would be the right thing to do. Once a player does something like that, they are displaying an attitude that says, ”I am bigger than the team, and I can do what I want to.”

In my opinion, Fisher’s choice of clothing just showed a man who is willing to deal with the truth. His team is winless, and Peyton Manning’s Colts are undefeated. Those are facts. Why should Fisher have to act like everything is just fine, when it is clearly not? If he chooses to make a joke out of the situation, that is just fine with me. There are too many people who deal with tough situations in the wrong ways, and it gets them nowhere.

Because Fisher realizes that the teams in the NFL fluctuate from year to year, he understands that his team is bound to have an off season. Also, because of the success that he has had over the years, Fisher knows that this season will not take away anything that he has accomplished.

At the end of the day, Jeff Fisher has been of the better coaches in the NFL, and he has earned the right to wear a Peyton Manning jersey if he feels like it.

3 Responses

  1. wow, i didnt hear this

  2. also i disagree! no way should he be able to wear a manning jersey. I mean its hilarious but cmon at a titans charity event? thats awfulll

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