Jim Zorn’s Defining Moment

Just like Wade Phillips last week, Jim Zorn was assured that he would be staying with his team for the remainder of the season. The  Redskins have been one of the worst teams in the league this season, and a lot of that blame has been directed at their head coach, Zorn. zorn

When Zorn started out with the Redskins, he was the offensive coordinator. Shortly thereafter, Zorn was promoted to head coach, where he has posted a 10-12 record in just under one and a half seasons.

The position that Zorn is in right now is probably a tough one. He has a team that really hasn’t performed to the standards that he would have hoped for at the beginning of the season, and although there were many talks about him being fired, he is indeed staying. Zorn realizes that things have been a major disappointment and that many people are making him responsible for the Redskins’ mediocrity, yet he still has to coach this team for the rest of the season in the face of all of that.

The vote of confidence by Daniel Snyder is supposed to help that situation and feeling of discomfort, but in reality, Zorn knows that it was done for that reason (The vote of confidence was done to put him at ease). He knows that everybody wants him out of there, and he probably feels hopeless as the leader of this big mess.

What Zorn needs to do is block everything out and he has to continue coaching this team to the best of his abilities. He cannot give up on this team, because by not doing so, it could help him somewhere down the line. He would be showing that he could perform in the face of adversity, and that is a huge trait for a coach to possess.

Even though the Jim Zorn era, or error for that matter, has been a huge disappointment up to this point, it does not mean that Jim Zorn has to be done as a coach in this league. He has only been the coach of the Redskins for 22 games, and there is still a lot more football left in this season. If he can rally his team together and help them realize that there is still time left to improve, maybe he can have a record which is close to .500 by the end of the season. That would definitely show tough mental make-up by Zorn, and that could help him a lot moving forward. Who knows? If that is the case, maybe the Skins will even keep him past this season.

All I know is that Zorn has a great opportunity to do something special with this Redskins team. If he utilizes this opportunity wisely, everybody’s perception of him as a coach would change dramatically.

He just has to do what Daniel Snyder thinks he is capable of; and that is to coach this Redskins football team.

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