How I Would Treat Favre if I Was a Cheesehead

The highly anticipated matchup between Brett Favre’s Minnesota Vikings and Aaron Rodgers’ Green Bay Packers in Lambeau field is just a few days away. Watching all of the coverage and reading all of the blogs has me very excited, and I am not even a Vikings or Packers fan. I could only imagine what it is going to be like for the Packers’ fans in Lambeau. Some will boo Brett and some will root for Brett. Whatever they do, there is sure to be a lot of noise in Green Bay that day. cheese

If I was a Packers’ fan, I would root for the Packers and also hope that Brett plays well in a losing effort. I would respect Brett for all that he has done for the Packers’ franchise, and I do not think that a few questionable years can take away all of the memories that he brought to the team. At the end of a career, a lot of guys do some uncharacteristic things that do not really represent their true selves. Favre is a Packer for life, and even if he wins a Super Bowl with a hated division rival, he will always be one.

Also, I would love it if Favre costs the Vikings the game because then he will realize that his choice to go to Minnesota wasn’t necessarily the perfect thing to do. He might not regret being on a successful Vikings team, but it will stir up thoughts in his mind about still being in Green Bay. For Favre to beat his former team twice in one season would just be bad for his ego, and I think that he might begin to act dumber than he already has.

At the end of the day, all I truly want if I am a Packers fan in Lambeau on Sunday is a Packers win in an exciting game. I would love for Brett to put on another show for the fans, but ultimately I would want it to result in a Green Bay victory. However the game turns out, I am sure it will be a classic that many people will remember for years to come.


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