Al Davis Dreaming of Vince Young

Few people might realize this, but Vince Young has not lost a game that he has started since December 9, 2007. Yes, Young has only started six games in that span, but it is not a coincidence that he has a six-game winning streak. Vince Young is a winner in every sense of the term, and he plays within the gameplan in order to get his team W’s. It has taken a long time for Young to get his starting job back in Tennessee, and maybe it is because Jeff Fisher does not value him. However, one guy that does value him is Titans’ owner Bud Adams, who basically forced Fisher to start him. Young has not disappointed thus far, as the formerly winless Titans have gone 2-0 since Young took over the starting role from Kerry Collins.

Below is a picture of Vince Young in a Raiders press conference. Why? Because if you know Al Davis, and what he looks for in a football player, Vince Young definitely possesses it. The two things that Davis values are speed and winning. The current Raiders roster has a ton of speed, but they cannot seem to live up to the winning standard that Davis has. Vince Young would bring the ability to do both to this team, and there is no doubt that Al Davis would love to get him a piece of VY. All of this is, of course, speculation, but I would not be surprised if this is the picture that Davis has in his head when he watches Vince do his thing.



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