Andy Reid Had His Head in The Clouds Against Dallas

The Eagles and Cowboys had a great battle last night in Philadelphia that ended in a 20-16 Cowboys’ victory. Because of that, many Eagles fans, and even football fans in general, are questioning Andy Reid and his decision to kick a field goal with less than 5 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, and his team down by 7 without any timeouts left.

First of all, although Akers made the 52-yarder, why would Reid choose to kick a field goal that was so tough? Your percentages are probably better to convert the 4th and 11, and the reward is greater. I understand that he wants to score twice to win the game, but in that situation, when you have no timeouts remaining, you need to go for the tie first because you cannot guarantee that you are going to get the ball back. If he had a timeout or more, I would have definitely agreed with the field goal attempt, but he did not, so I have to disagree. The thing that really surprised me most about that call was the fact that Andy Reid is usually more of a gambler. He had already gone for it on fourth down multiple times during the game, and I expected him to do it again. In fact, as I was watching the game, I was wondering if Reid would go for a two-point conversion if his team got in the end zone. To me, the choice for a field goal was out of character for Reid, and it turned out to bite him in the behind.

Below is a picture of Andy Reid with his head in the clouds. The way he was thinking last night, he might have actually been up there, because his mind was clearly on things outside of logical football play-calling. Now Eagles’ fans are left wondering what could have been.

Andy Reid


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