The Impact of Brandon Jennings’ 55

Warriors Bucks BasketballBrandon Jennings, the rookie sensation of the Milwaukee Bucks, broke the franchise rookie record for points scored in a game when he scored 55 points last night against the Golden State Warriors. Not only was Jennings’ 55-point effort amazing because he broke Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s rookie record, but he only needed 3 quarters to do it. After a scoreless first quarter, Brandon Jennings scored 10 in the second quarter, a whopping 29 in the third quarter, and 16 in the fourth quarter.

Following this game, there are many teams regretting not having picked the rookie who chose to bypass college in order to play overseas in Italy for a year.

One team that really seems to be having buyer’s remorse is the New York Knicks. The Knicks have been criticized thus far for their selection of Jordan Hill, as he has not done much for the team. Jennings, on the other hand, has been fantastic for the Bucks, as he has led the team in both points and assists thru seven games.

It is still very early in their respective careers, but Jennings definitely seems to have an edge over Hill. To be scoring 55 points in your 7th career game as a pro, I think it says a lot. It shows that has adapted well to the transition to the NBA, and it looks like that year in Italy could have been the best thing for him.

I think it made tougher, and it taught him to have a respect for the game. Also, I think it helped him mature a lot more than if he would have went to college. He was treated like an average Joe, and he had to make a name for himself, outside of everything he had accomplished in America. He did workouts, such as running in the mountains, and I think it is something like that, that will benefit him for many years to come in the NBA.

If last night was any indication of what Italy could produce, there will be many more players following the path of Jennings in the near future. Who knows? Maybe Brandon Jennings’ performance last night changed the plans of a high school senior. If that is indeed the case, Brandon Jennings is literally changing the game one player at a time.

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