Nets Losing Streak At 13

The New Jersey Nets have the biggest streak in the NBA. Unfortunately for them, it is a streak of losses. Following their 98-91 loss at home to the New York Knicks on Saturday, the Nets are 0-13 this season. The 13-game losing streak is the biggest to start a season in Nets history, and the Nets are hoping that it remains that way. Currently, the record for most consecutive losses to start a season belongs to the Miami Heat and LA Clippers with 17. If the Nets don’t figure out a way to pull one out soon, they are going to find their way into the record books. And believe me, nobody on the Nets’ squad wants that. However, I am sure that the members from the 1988 Miami Heat and 1999 LA Clippers do.

Below is a picture of Rony Seikaly (member of the 1988 Miami Heat), Chris Ford (Head Coach of the 1999 LA Clippers), and Lamar Odom (member of the 1999 Clippers) watching the Nets lose their 13th straight game in enjoyment. You better believe that these 3 will have a grand old-time if the Nets break the record with 5 more losses. Just look how excited Chris Ford is now. He obviously senses a similar mediocrity from this Nets team that he did when he coached the Clippers back in ’99.




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