NFL Players, Coaches, and Owners Giving Thanks

In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, I made an NFL version of ”I am thankful for (or that)…” I took one player, coach, or owner for each team and explained one reason why they are thankful. Some are sarcastic, of course, but that is for you to figure out. Have fun with this, and enjoy your holiday! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Bills (Terrell Owens) – Thankful for his career-best 98-yard TD last week, despite losing. ”I love me some me.”

Dolphins (Ricky Williams) – Thankful for Ronnie Brown getting injured, so he could prove how good he still is.

Patriots (Laurence Maroney) – Thankful for getting to touch the ball once again in the usually pass-happy Pats offense.

Jets (Mark Sanchez) – Thankful for being on a team without a viable backup quarterback.

Ravens (Joe Flacco) – Thankful for his success in 2008. 2009 is another story.

Bengals (Bernard Scott) – Thankful that his first start came against the Raiders (119 yards rushing).

Browns (Derek Anderson) – Thankful for being on the sidelines. Who wants to be linked to the mess that is the Browns?

Steelers (Mike Tomlin) – Thankful that the Raiders beat the Bengals. Now, the AFC North is still up for grabs.

Texans (Kris Brown) – Thankful that he is playing on a team that does not expect great results. Brown has missed critical field goals in the Texans last two games; each 20-17 losses to divisional opponents.

Colts (Reggie Wayne) – Thankful for Peyton Manning making him a relevant receiver in the NFL. Just look what Manning has done to Garcon and Collie.

Jaguars (David Garrard) – Thankful for the emergence of Mike Sims-Walker. Without him, the Jags’ passing game would be garbage.

Titans (Bud Adams) – Thankful for Vince Young making him look good. That’s 4-0 good.

Broncos (Kyle Orton) – Thankful that his team is still better than Cutler’s.

Chiefs (Jamaal Charles) – Thankful for LJ’s lack of good judgment. Since Charles took over as the definitive number one running back, the Chiefs are 2-0.

Chargers (Philip Rivers) – Thankful for Vincent Jackson’s 6”5 frame. With Jackson’s size, Rivers is making it look too easy when he goes St. Vincent St. Jackson’s way.

Raiders (JaMarcus Russell) – Thankful that Bruce Gradkowski can play well enough to win games. Now he can sit on the sidelines and still earn his money.

Cowboys (Jason Garrett) – Thankful that he still has a job. The Cowboys have scored just 7 points in each of the last two games.

Giants (Eli Manning) – Thankful for his receivers stepping up in the absence of Plaxico Burress. Smith, Manningham, and Nicks look like keepers for years to come.

Eagles (Andy Reid) – Thankful for his choice of LeSean McCoy in last April’s draft. With Westbrook’s concussion issues, McCoy will continue to serve as a great fill-in.

Redskins (Jim Zorn) – Thankful that the 2009 season is more than halfway over.

Bears (Matt Forte) – Thankful that Devin Hester’s ”wardrobe malfunction” overshadowed his less-than-stellar performance against Philly.

Lions (Matt Stafford) – Thankful that the Lions have such low standards. Winning a game in November feels like the Super Bowl for Detroit.

Packers (Aaron Rodgers) – Thankful for his trusted offensive line. They keep him upright and protected game in and game out.

Vikings (Adrian Peterson) – Thankful for Brett Favre taking the pressure off of him. Now the hard-running back will have a ton of steam come playoff time.

Falcons (Mike Smith) – Thankful for taking those self-defense classes as a child. They came in handy during that brawl with the Redskins.

Panthers (Jake Delhomme) – Thankful for the dual running threat of DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart. If the Panthers had no running game, Delhomme would be on the bench.

Saints (Sean Payton) – Thankful for Darren Sharper’s amazing defensive effort this season. Sharper is a huge reason why the Saints are 10-0 right now.

Bucs (Byron Leftwich) – Thankful for injuring his elbow and being able to get away from this miserable team for some time.

Cards (Kurt Warner) – Thankful for Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin, who make his job so much easier. Not to mention, Tim Hightower and Beanie Wells and that much-improved running game.

Rams (Steven Jackson) – Thankful that the Cowboys passed up on him, and instead the Rams drafted him. The Rams have been one of the worst teams since Jackson has been drafted.

49ers (Alex Smith) – Thankful that his future appears to be slightly brighter than Ryan Leaf’s. At one point, Smith looked like he would never play again. He is a lot better right now.

Seahawks (T.J. Houshmandzadeh) – Thankful that he left the Bengals for the Seahawks. These teams are like elevators going in opposite directions, and Housh got stuck on the downward elevator.

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