Brandon Jacobs Holds the Key to the Giants’ Season

With Eli Manning’s tendency to struggle to throw the ball in the Meadowlands late in the season, the Giants will need to have a big game out of Brandon Jacobs if they want to defeat the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night. If Jacobs could bowl over some Eagles defenders and wear down that front seven by the end of the game, the Giants can have a legitimate shot of producing enough points to hang with the Eagles and possibly beat them. If the Giants have to rely on Manning to get them down the field and into the endzone, it could spell the end of the season for the G-Men. If the Giants do lose and eventually miss the playoffs this season, the Giants and the Steelers, the last two Super Bowl winners, will each miss the playoffs.

Below is a picture of Brandon Jacobs holding a very large key. The Giants are definitely going to need a key of that size if they want to enter the playoffs. The playoffs only allow 12 out of 32 teams inside. Hopefully for the Giants, Jacobs is holding the correct key that will get them in. After this weekend’s game, we will have a better idea of that.

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