Cliff Lee Gets a Slap To the Face

Following Game 1 of the World Series, Cliff Lee was one of the most talked about people on the planet. His calm, cool, and collected attitude that propelled him to a 6-1 complete game victory against the New York Yankees, had people saying that Cliff Lee had just pitched one of the all-time great games in World Series history. Couple that with a Game 5 victory, albeit it was not as amazing as Game 1, and Cliff Lee was responsible for each of the Phillies’ two wins in the Fall Classic.

So how do the Phillies repay their wonderful pitcher this offseason?

By trading him to the Seattle Mariners!

I understand that the Phillies acquired arguably one of the best pitchers in the league in Roy Halladay, but isn’t there some sense of loyalty that the Phillies owe Cliff Lee?

From the time Lee got to Philly, all he did was pitch unbelievably. He helped his team get deep into the playoffs, he won their only two World Series games, and he nearly got them a  World Series title. What more can you ask from a guy?

Do the Phillies actually believe that Halladay can do THAT much more?

Most people will say yes because most people believe that Halladay is THE best pitcher in all of Major League Baseball, and I cannot disagree with that. However, I feel that Lee should have been treated a little more favorably. I mean seriously, couldn’t you have traded him to a decent team? Trading him to the Seattle Mariners is a slap to the face, and it is an almost sure-fire way to avoid playing him in October WHEN the Phillies make the World Series in 2010.

With that being the case, it seems as though the Phillies lucked out on all levels. Cliff Lee, on the other hand, not so much.

Below is a picture of Cliff Lee, who is about to get a slap to the face. Look how nice his Phillies teammate is, as he warns his pitcher as the hand is coming close to his face. Unfortunately for Lee, the Phillies’ front office isn’t as considerate.

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