Granderson Wants His Old Number Back

With Joe Girardi switching his jersey number from 27 to 28, in pursuit of the Yankees’ 28th World Series title, newly acquired center fielder, Curtis Granderson, needed to choose a new number. The number that Granderson chose was number 14, which is half of his old number 28. Will the switch in numbers have any effects on Granderson? The Yankees’ new centerfielder believes it will.

When asked about the number change Granderson said,

“If I had known that I was going to have to change my number, I probably wouldn’t have come here. I am very superstitious, and I can almost guarantee a change in my production. This is not going to be a good change either. Since my number is half of what it used to be, the Yankees can expect half of the production out of me. If they want the total package, they better tell Gi-Smarty that he needs to change his number. Of course I am excited to be a Yankee, but I just feel bad that I am not going to able to contribute as much as I had originally thought.”

When you hear comments like that out of your newest player, you cannot be encouraged. He is accepting the fact that he will have sub-par numbers, as if it is already written in stone. Plus, he is already threatning the manager and giving him an unflattering nickname. Maybe this Granderson acquistion, plus the Red Sox’s pickups of John Lackey and Mike Cameron, has put the Red Sox back in the driver’s seat in the AL East.

It’s just crazy to think about the impact one media session can have on a team’s expectations. Amazing.

Below is a picture of half of Curtis Granderson. If Girardi knows what’s good for him, he will change that jersey number real fast. I don’t know about you, but half a player does not sound or look too appealing to me. Especially given the fact that Granderson is supposed to be the best Yankees’ centerfielder since Bernie Williams.


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