Al Davis Is Going To Wait To Fire Cable

After finishing the 2009-10 season with 11 losses, the Oakland Raiders have a streak of 7 straight seasons with at least 11 losses. Due to the collective struggles of the team, it is widely rumored that current head coach, Tom Cable, is going to be fired. In order to find out more about this rumor, I sent out my newest field reporter, Tiger Woods, to get the lowdown from Raiders’ owner Al Davis. This is what Davis had to say regarding the job security of his head coach(Not a real quote):

“Everybody knows that Cable is hanging by a thread right now. If I just go ahead and fire him right away, it would put him out of his misery too quickly. You know, as well as I do, that I like to make people suffer. Just look at the Raiders fans! So what I am going to do is hold off on firing Tom for a while. I am going to treat him extra nicely, and I am going to make him believe that his job is safe for next season. Then, when he least expects it, I am going to drop the bomb, and I am going to give him the ol’ boot. Oh how I love to make people squirm! By the way, Tiger, how are things with Elin?”

In the picture above, Al Davis is holding a puppet of Tom Cable. Why? Because Al Davis is totally in control of his head coach, and there is nothing Cable can do about it. Just look at that deranged face that Davis has on his mug. I sure wouldn’t want to be in Cable’s position right now. He is literally at the mercy of Davis’ every move.


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