Did Neil Rackers Miss on Purpose to Force OT?

After watching one of the most exciting games in recent NFL memory, I realize why I love football so much. This game started out like a train wreck for the Packers, as they turned the ball over on their first play from scrimmage. That was just the tip of the iceberg for Green Bay. Before the first half had concluded, the Cardinals were up 24-7, and they did not look like they were going to slow down anytime soon. This game, like the three previous games this weekend, looked like it was going to be a boring blowout. However, the Packers decided that their season was too precious to throw away so easily. So little by little, the Packers cut into the Cardinals’ seemingly insurmountable lead until they finally tied the game at 38 with just under 11 minutes to go in the 4th quarter.

Following that, the Cardinals and Packers traded touchdowns, and the Cardinals had an opportunity for a game-winning, 2-minute drive. They got into field goal range, and they set up Neil Rackers with a 34-yard field goal try. Amazingly, Rackers whiffed on the attempt wide left, and the wild game was headed into overtime.

When the Packers won the coin toss to begin the overtime period, everybody thought the game was over. But, that was not the case at all. On 3rd and 6 on the Packers’ opening overtime drive, Aaron Rodgers got hit and he fumbled the ball. The loose ball was subsequently picked up by Karlos Dansby, who ran it into the end zone for a 17-yard, game-winning touchdown.

Now the Cardinals will head to New Orleans to take on the number one-seeded Saints on Saturday, in what should be a high scoring affair as well.

Following the game, I caught up with Neil Rackers to ask him about his epic fail miss at the end of regulation. He had this to say (Not a real quote):

“When I realized that the Packers had clawed all the way back to tie the game, I just couldn’t end the game with a 34-yard field goal. It just wouldn’t have felt right. It was a back-and-forth touchdown battle for the entire second half, and I didn’t want to be the party-pooper by making that lone field goal. Plus, I felt that this game was too good to end in regulation. The fans definitely deserved the extra excitement of the overtime period. Just don’t tell Ken (Whisenhunt) I said this. I was acting all emotional just to cover it up and make it seem believable. If he knows I missed on purpose, I won’t even have to bother packing for New Orleans.”

If your kicker is missing game-winning field goals on purpose, you definitely have something to be concerned about. What if Rodgers connected on that pass to a wide open Jennings on the first play of overtime? In my opinion, Rackers is just lucky he gets to stay on board for another game.


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  1. You’re crazy man about Rackers purposely missing a field goal, but interesting post. Best wishes. badgerbrat

  2. I can be the same way sometime with my opinions. Check out my blog sometime and take care. badgerbrat

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