Is Ray Rice a Faster Version of Emmitt Smith?

According to Bill Polian, the President of the Indianapolis Colts, Ray Rice reminds him of a faster version of Emmitt Smith. With the Ravens being the Colts’ opponent in the divisional round of the playoffs, Polian is sure sending the opposing running back a pretty big compliment. Whether or not Polian has an ulterior motive is yet to be determined. But just for the fact that he could mention Rice in the same breath as the NFL’s all-time leading rusher, it speaks volumes of how much Rice has meant to this Baltimore Ravens squad this season.

If you look at this situation from Rice’s perspective, it becomes very interesting. If Ray Rice takes Polian’s tremendous compliment the right way, he could have himself a wonderful performance against the Colts. In fact, it could fuel him to one of his best performances as a pro. However, if Rice takes the compliment the wrong way, he might begin to over-think certain things, which could lead to an unproductive game against Indy and a probable playoff exit for the Ravens. What is really being called into question here, in my opinion, is Ray Rice’s mental toughness and character.

There is no doubt that Rice will somehow get wind of the comments made by Polian, and they will undoubtedly have some sort of effect on the way that Rice performs against the Colts. The way Rice responds in this game will tell you a lot about this young running back out of Rutgers. Is he the type of player who is going to rise to occasion, or is he the type of player who will crumble and disappoint all the fans counting on him?

The answer to that question can truly determine if he can be thrown into the same company as Emmitt Smith one day. If he succeeds in this spot, the future could look very bright for Ray Rice.


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  1. Gotta love the Rutgers Alum showing up! If the Ray wins it, would be huge for the Rut

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