Pistons Get Dropped for 13th Straight Time

Following their loss to the Chicago Bulls, the Detroit Pistons have been dropped 13 straight times by their opponents. Last night’s loss dropped the Pistons into 14th place in the Eastern Conference, which puts them behind every team in the East except for the lowly Nets, who have a grand total of 3 wins. The current 11-25 record by Detroit is its worst in a while at this point in the season. I guess the players they acquired in the offseason just haven’t figured out a way to coexist as effectively as they had hoped. If things don’t head in a more positive direction soon, this group of guys may never find out if they can coexist at all.

Below is a picture of somebody dropping a piston for the 13th straight time. You would think after a while the piston would stop wanting to fall. Maybe the piston has just become numb to it already. It sure seems that way from my point of view.


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