Nobody Wants Your Autographed Football, Derek Anderson!

The Cleveland Browns have obviously been associated with low-quality football for quite some time now (Sorry, even when you close out the season on a roll). The last time this team had a winning record was in 2007, when they finished the season with a record of 10-6 (missed the playoffs, of course). Surprisingly, the players that stood out from that team on offense no longer have a role with the team. Braylon Edwards (on the Jets now), Kellen Winslow Jr. (on the Bucs now), and Derek Anderson (on the bench now), all had wonderful 2007 seasons, yet none of them are part of the Browns’ plans going into next season.

In fact, the only remaining player on the Browns of that group of 3, Derek Anderson, is so disrespected in Cleveland that nobody was even willing to bid on an autographed football of his from the United Way of Greater Cleveland on Ebay. Not one bid! For an autographed football from an NFL QB! (If you’re interested, click here).

Because this puzzled me so much, I figured I would ask a friend of mine, who is a Cleveland Browns fan, if he would be willing to place a bid on the Derek Anderson autographed football. This is what he had to say:

“Are you kidding me? It’s Derek Anderson! The guy has one good season, and then he decides to mail it in. He has no loyalty to the Cleveland Browns, and he has made that clear by his lack of performance since the 2007 season. You couldn’t pay me enough to GIVE me that football. If I got my hands on that football, I would burn it instantly!”

Wow! I guess I didn’t realize how much Cleveland fans hated Derek Anderson. I just figured they weren’t interested in his autograph. Hmmm… I wonder if Cleveland fans would bid on a Brady Quinn autographed football?

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