Even Aussie Beer Takes a Beating as England Revel in Early Ashes Success

Australia have managed to dominate sport against England for much of
the last twenty or so years, with the exception of the 2003 Rugby
World Cup and the 2005 and 2009 Ashes series.
However, with England now in the ascendancy in the world of cricket,
the English are starting to revel in the process of defeating their
long time rivals, with England cricket fans even creating spoof
adverts to mock Australian beer and taunt the Aussies even more about
their current situation.

However, whilst the English clearly have every right to revel in their
early successes, they are still more than capable of returning to
their previous poor level of form, which would surely lead to a sorry
return home from the series empty-handed.

With overconfidence now the most likely cause of defeat for the
English according to those placing an ashes bet, the side
will need to continue to perform at the same level that they have
shown so far on Aussie soil.

With players such as Kevin Pietersen now dropping their level of
concentration and dedication, a fact evidenced by Pietersen allowing
himself to be caught up in exactly the wrong sort of headlines after
he was caught speeding in Australia, England will need to show that
they still have the required desire to win their first series on
Australian soil since the 1980s.

Should England start the third test in Perth poorly, the ashes odds
suggest that Australian team will in all likelihood pounce on any sort
of slip-up by England to take the media pressure off them and transfer
it squarely on the shoulders of the England team.

If this does end up happening, then this good start will be quickly
forgotten on the back pages of the harsh English tabloids.

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