Tips For Training For a Triathlon


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Have you ever felt the desire to accomplish something that you had never dreamed of doing? Something that is not only exciting, but also extreme and adventurous. For sport lovers, this is the triathlon – the combination of athletic endeavors that demands a perfect physical and psychological preparation. Supposed you want to challenge yourself to take part in such an event, you should get down to work immediately in order to achieve good results. If you are a novice, this advice will help get you started.

Sports Gear and Equipment

For a traditional swimming-cycling-running triathlon, you will need no unusual gear. However, there are a few important pieces you’ll need. Firstly, the swimming track requires a swimsuit, of course, but it would be a good idea to get one not sunbathing but for lap swimming. Another important thing is to provide goggles as they play a part in your performance. As for the cycling, it’s a good idea to use your own bike, because you are used to it and it probably fits you. If necessary, you can borrow a bicycle but make sure it is of good quality.  Professional running shoes are a must as they are what make you more successful in the last part. Also, make sure the runners apparel If you are to take part in another type of triathlon, you should get some information about the equipment you might need.


Physical Training

Now that you have the necessary gear, you can start training. The first thing you should consider is the distance that you plan on completing – you should definitely start with something shorter the first time around. Remember, you needn’t overwork as 5 hours a week is a good starting point, and you can add more from there. It is advisable to concentrate on all of the sports altogether, not in just one, as it develops the whole body’s muscles and gives you energy. Don’t forget to always warm up before and stretch after the training.

Psychological Preparation


As the big day approaches, you must stay calm and relaxed. It’s a good idea to try to figure out a plan for success. For example, take in mind that for the final result the transition time is always included and you can try to lessen it. What’s more, prepare yourself to endure the whole thing and start slowly in order to have energy to finish strongly. Finally, remember that you only do it for yourself and to get the thrill out of it. So don’t take it seriously and just have fun because this is what you do it for. 


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