Five Reasons to Train with Heart Rate Monitor Watch


Contrary to the general conception that Heart Rate Monitor Watches are a necessity for patients suffering from cardiac diseases, they can actually be beneficial for all and sundry. Whether you desire to improve your health, achieve better targeted fitness goals, or are aiming at weight loss, Heart Rate Monitor is the ultimate choice for you.

Fitness Trainer

Heart Rate Monitor serves as your personal fitness trainer and monitoring device, as it not only guides you in setting goals for your training sessions, but also monitors your performance and gives you real time feedback on it.


The gadget comes with a comfortable, easy to wear and ventilated watch band, which can be worn both during exhaustive workout sessions and daily routine chores. Even for a casual stroll around the block, you can aim at burning a few fats by setting up your aerobic target zone with Heart Rate Monitor Watch. A few models also come with the functionality of sending you audible and visual alerts when you are facing dehydration or you are in need of a nutritional intake.

Location tracking

Connecting with the Global Positioning System (GPS), you can find locations in an easy way. Also you can mark locations of your tracks, so that you can find an easy route to reach that path later. With GPS functionality, you can also download previous tracks and courses, to compete against your own previous scores, and monitor your performance statistics later by connecting with your personal computer or with your online training program.

Zone targeting

Most of these watches allow you to set target zones for your activities, so that you can optimize your performance by selecting a Heart Rate Zone and working within it. They take into account your Maximum and Resting Heart Rate. In this way, you can measure your basic stamina and aerobic competence. This guides the device in setting up training goals for you.

Basic measurements

Heart Rate Monitor Watches offer basic data measurements for parameters like lap/split, recovery heart rate time, time in a specific target zone, calorie counter, speed and distance monitor. Most of them come with stop watch and bicycle mounting options. Connected with PC interface, your coded transmitter will send data wirelessly to your personal computer if it falls in the range.

Beside the aforementioned reasons, there are so many other rationales on why you should conduct your training sessions with a Heart Rate Monitor Watch, and how it can boost your performance during each workout.



Author Bio,

Nancy Kalinton is a passionate cyclist and ardent writer. She has used gadgets like Garmin Forerunner 210 and Garmin 210 for years. Her obsession with cycling and writing has led to a great combination of talent for inspiring and teaching others.




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