How to Choose the Right Golf Trolley



This article explains some of the choices available for golf trolleys, and why golfers might want to use one to enhance their game.


As you are making your way round the course, idly watching other players as they move between holes, have you noticed how the number and type of golf accessories has changed over the last few years? We all seem to be carrying round much more than we used to, and it all takes its toll on our strength and stamina. The individual items don’t weight much, but it all together and there’s a good few pounds on top of your clubs and balls. That’s the main reason why you see many more golf trolleys out on the course – players have realised that it is far better to save their energy for hitting the ball than to waste it carrying all their gear round.

 Of course, these days you have electric golf carts, which make the whole thing much easier. At the push of a button the trolley sets off and all you have to do is steer it across the course. They take energy saving and convenience to a whole new level, letting you concentrate fully on the game in hand. All you have to do is remember to charge them up fully before each round; otherwise you’ve got to push a very heavy trolley indeed, and to make sure you buy one that fits in your car. They do need some maintenance though, and are more expensive than their manual counterparts.

Electric golf trolleys aren’t for everybody for various reasons – maybe they are out of the available budget, or they are too bulky, or they make the round a bit easier than the player feels it really should be. Whatever the case, there are a number of manual trolleys available which come in a variety of designs. To start with, they have either two or three wheels. Two wheeled designs are lighter and easier to handle, but you can only pull them behind you, so that may put off people with arm or back problems who don’t like stretching out an arm behind them. In those cases, three wheeled versions are the answer – although they are slightly heavier, the weight is distributed across a larger area and they can be either pulled or pushed depending on the terrain and the golfer’s preference.

 There is also a choice of materials that the trolley can be made out of. In the past, they were all made of steel, as it is cheap and strong enough to carry a lot of weight without falling apart. That’s the still the case, but two other materials have become popular recently, both of which have advantages and disadvantages when compared to steel. The first is aluminium, which is lighter and therefore easier to manage. It isn’t as durable though and it will rust sooner than steel, so an alternative is titanium. This is both light and strong, but it will cost you quite a bit more money, so you’ll need to consider whether your wallet is up to it first.


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