The Visible Benefits of Receiving Awards


It is just as much fun receiving awards as it is giving them. Awards are a tangible reminder for you and everyone else that you are a force to be reckoned with; a leader in your own right. For businesses, awards establish their companies as leaders, whose business success is to be admired and followed, if not overtaken.

As far as visible professional benefits go, receiving a well-deserved trophy Canberra creates an impact on a lot of things and not just a company’s reputation. It also influences their advertising endeavors by drawing advertisers in, as well, of course, as potential clients. This is especially helpful if a company has taken advantage of the power of the internet, where every achievement and every accolade is magnified for everyone to see. Awards make potential clients check out a company’s profile to see what the fuss is all about and as every business owner knows, it takes 3 seconds to grab a customer’s attention and a whole lot more time than that to keep it. Getting a trophy will certainly help them in that aspect.

As far as a company’s productivity goes, getting and giving awards promotes a healthier work environment, with employees always being at the top of their game. Productivity at an all-time high translates to all-time high profits, higher employee retention rates and lesser turnovers. This also results in happier employees who come to work every day. Another great thing is that it encourages healthy competition and increases a person’s drive to strive. A work environment without a little competition going on can be a little boring, don’t you think?

Also, in this day and age where much store is set by achievements, a trophy Canberra holds immeasurable value compared to a substantial pay raise or job promotion. An employee feels pride and joy in their work whenever they see the shining monument that recognizes and acknowledges their hard work and innumerable contributions to the organization. The feeling that one has made a difference is nothing that money can buy and certainly a memory that one can cherish for a lifetime. When a person knows deep down that they are considered the best in what they do, it satisfies their intrinsic human need for acceptance and validation. 

More importantly, these awards contribute immensely to boosting one’s confidence and self-esteem, enabling better performance and higher motivation. One looks forward to the next task and works to go over and beyond their limits to achieve their goals.


Author’s Bio:

Burry Standox has taken a personal interest in trophies and awards and fashioned a business out of it. He is a successful owner of a local trophy store. He also writes for



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