Evolution of Sports Trophies

A trophy is a symbol of achievement and excellence. In ancient times, it used to be a proof of victory during warfare. Trophies originated from the possession of human parts like in headhunting. With the arrival of civilization, this practice was considered taboo.  In ancient Greece, laurel wreaths were one of the first symbols of achievement. Other types of awards include an amphora, vase, and shield.


It was not until the 1600s that chalices or goblets were used as trophies. This started the trend of using cup designs, which established a certain standard in trophy making. Until now, trophy cups are quite popular. Sports events like the World Cup, Stanley Cup, FA Cup, and the FIFA World Cup named their prestigious sports competition after the highly coveted prize. Even Australia has trophies Melbourne Cup.


Trophies were not limited to sports. Later on, various fields of expertise, especially in the arts, have emerged with their own trophy designs. A human form or figure in theater and film like the Academy Award’s Oscar is one of the most popular designs.  People have become more creative and chose to have unique designs that are suitable to the award itself. A good example is the Hugo Award shaped like a spaceship to symbolize a most fitting award in science fiction.


Awards in academics are also very common. Teams or individuals are awarded a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophy to represent a certain level of achievement. The towering trophies are popular because it is easy to base the level of achievement on the height and design of the trophy. This is similar to the idea of gold, silver, and bronze medals with gold as the highest achievement and bronze as the 3rd place on the roster.


In modern times, trophies are simple proofs of achievement. Even a quiz bee winner and a top seller in a company can receive trophies. They may not be as impressive as prestigious awards, but they symbolize a great achievement or excellence in a particular field. Although trophies can now be made from cheap materials like plastic and acrylic, they can still be valuable to a recipient in some way or another.


Modern technology has also made it easy to mass produce trophies for whatever purpose. Even a little league game in your community can award winners with trophies and medals. Whether you’re looking for trophies Melbourne Cup, World Cup design, or a simple one to award a baseball team in your school, trophies are now easy to get with various suppliers around the world.


Author’s Bio: Burry Standox has taken his personal interest in trophies and awards and fashioned a business out of it. He is a successful owner of a local trophy store. He also writes for http://www.awardsandtrophies.com.au/


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