How to Choose the Right Golf Simulator



The game of golf was always considered as the game of classes and not many people adopted this game due to the cost involved in it. But since a decade ago it has been observed that the number of golfers has increased a lot and at a good rate. This is due to the training aids which are available at affordable rates. People can self-train themselves without spending too much money on personal golf trainers. A golf simulator is one such aid which can help any golfer learn and improve every aspect of their golf game. Since the market is full of various brands and types of golf simulators, it becomes quite tedious to select one. Few basic points to look for while choosing a golf simulator are mentioned here.

The most important thing to consider is the accuracy of these systems. There is no point in spending a fortune on these systems if they are not accurate. You want a system which shows you how your swing performs on a real golf course. You must always check your shots on a golf simulator and figure out if it is giving the same results of the shot which you normally would get on the golf course. It might not be 100% accurate but should be as close to 98 to 99 percent. Also check if you can use any golf clubs and balls with the simulator as there are many simulators which will recommend only specific clubs and balls, which is a sheer waste of money. Stay away from simulators which require you to attach any strings to your club for proper functioning as you will be restricted in your shots and not swing freely.

Camera based golf simulators have been tested and proven that they do give better accuracy than the simulators based on the infrared sensors. Since the camera is able to capture every aspect of golf club and ball while hitting, it can easily manipulate the distance and path it will travel and display it on the screen. Infrared can only capture the data when the ball passes through the infrared hence the software is not provided with enough data to calculate the distance and path which results in less accuracy. If you are a beginner, then you should definitely avoid infrared golf simulators, since the sensors are placed very close to the hitting zone and a miss shot can damage these sensors which are not easily replicable. Although camera based simulators have an edge over infrared, but does not necessarily mean that every camera based golf simulator will be better. There are many camera based golf simulators which perform poorly when compared to the infrared. This difference is due to the capabilities of the software also. So always test a system before making a final decision.

Once you have shortlisted some golf simulators based on accuracy it becomes important to see which provides the better functions and options. Look for the number of golf courses provided with the software. Also make sure that the courses you like to play most are there. Check whether the golf courses are 3D or 2D. A 3D course will provide you realism while playing and watching while 2D won’t. There are some simulators which offer 3D courses which are just 3D images, so you won’t see any movement on the course. This means no leaf movement or breezes on the course; only the ball will move. I hope these points will help you in deciding which golf simulator will suit you the best.


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